Happy Hour feature

I developed this new feature in one of Bakersoft’s digital products, the Digital Kiosk. The aim of this project was to give users the chance to buy food products that are coming to the end of their shelf life at a lower price, in order to prevent food waste.

New Discounts option

What I was asked to do in this task was to create from scratch the functionality of being able to create discount campaigns and manage them in the client’s dashboard, so that these discounts would then appear in our client’s e-commerce app.


Client to Invoice

This little project was created out of my curiosity about use cases in a mobile app about banking and/or fintech. Initially, I was challenged by a fintech company to make a small show case, but later I improved it in order to obtain an MVP.

Building Management App

My father had a problem – how to organize tasks, documents and any kind of logistics in the construction company. So I decided to solve it, with a potential mobile application.

Management Software

This Management Software was one of the last projects I developed, from all the UX analysis to the final mockups. Inside the project you can see the steps I had until the final result.


This project was a freelance service for a medical clinic in Lisbon, where the client requested a website with certain features.
Some strategic aspects in the user experience, as well as a, revamp of the visual design compared to the old website developed by another company.

Weather app

This was the final project of the whole certificate.
The aim was to create a weather app, with certain aspects of the briefing.
The required deliverables were mood board, wireframes and visual design, with interactions and prototypes.


Flight app

My first project from one of the UX/UI classes.
They gave me the briefing and then we had to complete the UX strategy and then complete the Visual design according to our mood board.

Quinta São Pedro

This project was a freelance service for a Buildings company in Santarém, Portugal. The client requested a responsive website, Social media (Facebook and Instagram) management and design, Real estate platforms ads, Selling ads, Branding, and Billboard design.
The website was designed and developed from scratch.

21 Motors

While working at 21 motors, a Car dealership, where I had the role of marketing director and content and image creation, I developed the user experience strategy of the website created by a company as well as the final visual design.