Hi, I’m André Mariano,
a Product designer from Portugal 🇵🇹

I also have a background in Marketing and Website Development. My experience is user-centred and problem-solving.
I’m currently updating the entire Portfolio font family.




Client to invoice

Building Management App

Management SaaS


German start-up mainly associated with the food sector with 3 products, B2B SaaS for internal management, mobile e-commerce app customised to the client's needs and digital kiosk (large touch screen inside the client's shops).

As a UX/UI designer I work closely with the CPO and CTO on UX research for the three products, Wireframe and Design HiFi visuals, Conduct Usability tests for stakeholders and development the design system.
In addition to my contractual duties, I create animations with illustrations and vectors (e.g. completed payment animation in mobile app).

Germany (Remote) / Oct 2022 - Present

A Prop-tech SaaS start-up with a variety of products directly related to real estate.

In this company I belonged to the product team, where my duties followed the whole cycle of the products strategy, scope, structure, skeleton and surface (Final Visual design)  . As part of my team, I supported the marketing department designing and developing landing pages for Sale purposes and Social media design.

Portugal (Hybrid) / Aug 2021 - Sep 2022

An internship that merged two nearby sectors, marketing and design, where I collaborated on the design of the digital marketing strategy, UX/UI for websites and tablet apps, and wordpress development for several customers.

In the internship and report, I got a grade of 18 out of 20.

Portugal (Hybrid) / Apr 2021 - Aug 2022

Freelance responsive website development (WordPress) and UX/UI design projects for small companies in sectors such as health, construction, car sales, real estate, beauty, etc. These are small projects that I do in my spare time.

Portugal (Remote) 2018 - present


“André is simply a great colleague and a tremendous team player. Working with him, even in the most stressful times, was always a pleasure and he would make sure to support everyone around him as much as possible.”

Alexander Steding

Chief Growth Officer at Bakersoft GmbH

“Mariano excels in skillfully executing tasks with commitment and innovation, efficiently tackling challenges. His proactive, team-oriented nature makes him a dependable asset for project development.”

Carlos Santos

Chief Design Officer at Illusive Studios