New Discounts option

My Role

Product designer – UX research, Wireframes,
Visual design, Prototyping.


Georg, CPO
Helal, Product Designer


Bakersoft GmbH

Business client

General implementation for all clients

Implementation product/device

Dashboard – SaaS


2 UX sprints


What I was asked to do in this task was to create from scratch the functionality of being able to create discount campaigns and manage them in the client’s dashboard, so that these discounts would then appear in our client’s e-commerce app.


Taking into account the parameters that have been transmitted from the client to the CPO, I have broken down in a flows what must be put in the table and in the sector to add discount campaigns.

Flow 1: Tabel parameters

Parameters to consider:

  • Be able to search campaigns;
  • Add discount campaigns easily;
  • Table vizualiation with:
    • Selection options;
    • Discount campaign name;
    • Discount duration;
    • Status of activity.

Flow 2: Add discount campaign

Parameters to consider:

  • Break down the discount creation in 3 simple steps
    • Information
    • Discount value
    • Discount Period
Unfortunately, I can only show you the visual components and frames I’ve built.


This phase included all the points and use cases found in the discovery phase. To get a general overview of the discounts created, a table was drawn up with the various parameters required and then 3 simple steps were devised to create the campaign.



Main discount campaign section

Add discount sub-page

Search filter / Add Button
Table Row
Complete table

Table semantics


Here you can check a quick video of me working on the Discounts page.

Final considerations

At the end of this task, we were able to improve the process of creating discounts for our client and successfully achieved functionality with quick and clear usability.

In the future, feedback has been established that the discount creation feature could be improved by adding a section where a clone of the mobile app can be shown to visualise an example of what the discount banner might look like.

As the designer of this task, I believe I was able to achieve the result effectively and in the end it helped us to establish the necessary components for our Design system.

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