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Who am I?

I am André Mariano, 26 years old and I have always lived between Lisbon’s city center and the south bay, Almada.

Art and creativity have always been part of my life, in different ways, starting in my academic path: I have a 3rd degree in Musical and Pipe Organ, and performed in several concerts with the Children’s Chamber Choir of the Academia de Música de Santa Cecília – World Little Singers (UNICEF).

The Algarve gave me the style to work in


In 2018, I started to refine my academic career in order to specialize in Marketing and Communication and it was then that I discovered digital design and creative development. Since then, I started researching, attending courses focused on the area and learning in a self-taught way. Soon after, professional projects began to appear in which I did branding, social media management, visual design and user experience strategy and research, in addition to implementing WordPress websites.
I felt I could leverage my knowledge and in 2020 I decided to take a professional certification in UI/UX in order to develop and expand my skills. This long term course gave me the opportunity to work, learn and interact with professionals with field experience.
While working at Casafari start-up (Click image to see Medium post)
Where I spend my time working

What I'm passionate about!

Outside of work, I enjoy playing Padel and surfing. Music is essential to me; I can’t go a day without it. I’m passionate about playing the piano and guitar. I’m also a car enthusiast; my friends and I run a Car Culture page on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to share information and promote events. Family and friends are a significant part of my life, and I strive to balance my free time with them. If you’re curious, I’d be happy to share more about myself in a conversation